Unique historic Kalmar county

The unique historical Kalmar county is a collaborative project that aims to develop the cultural heritage of the region in cooperation with small businesses and associations.

Based on the story, the project will create forms to tell new and old stories that provide context and perspective. This contributes to more visitors using the cultural heritage, which creates opportunities for regional growth through new products for the hospitality industry.

We want more people to discover Kalmar County's rich cultural heritage. Visit places, take part in cultural heritage and stories and start thinking about why it looks the way it does today. When companies and associations package cultural heritage in an attractive way, we will see an increased interest in places, human destinies and our common history.

Cultural heritage is everything from prehistory to the values we create today. It can be graves, castles and rune stones, but also industrial history, mopeds and music. We want to provide conditions for packaging the cultural heritage so that it creates experiences that bring stories and stories to life in different places - with our priority target groups in the center.

Through new thinking and new technology, we want to facilitate accessibility and utilization of the cultural heritage. Cooperation between different actors means that we can connect different places and themes. This helps to create experiences that provide inspiration and memories for life.

When we package the cultural heritage for our target groups, we create opportunities for development for the county's companies. Business development and new products mean that companies can grow and create new markets. In this way, we contribute to growth in the business community - both the individual companies and Kalmar County.

Project time

January 2021 to April 2023

Project owners and partners

Kalmar Municipality and Kalmar County Museum are project owners. Other partners are Emmaboda Municipality, Hultsfred Municipality, Högsby Municipality, Mörbylånga Municipality, Nybro Municipality, Oskarshamn Municipality, Torsås Municipality, Vimmerby Municipality, Västervik Municipality, Kalmar County Region, Kalmar County Administrative Board, Linnaeus University, Destination Kalmar, Kalmar County Hembygdsförbund and Öland Hembygdsförbund. .

The project is financed by participating actors. The main financiers are Region Kalmar County and the European Regional Development Fund. 

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