Craft and excursion guides

The project has produced two county-wide hobby and excursion guides for families with children. They are free and can be picked up at libraries, museums, tourist offices and many places to visit throughout the county.

Discover unique historic Kalmar counties

The brochure describes 122 different places in the county, all of which are connected to the cultural heritage. It can be, for example, a place, exciting people or special nature. The selection has been made with the municipalities and local associations.

The goal is to increase interest in historical places to visit in the county and to get people to go out to these places, which means that they indirectly benefit the local tourism industry such as hotels, cafes and restaurants.

The brochure is aimed at children and their families.

Excursion guide "Discover unique historical Kalmar county" in Swedish (pdf)

The excursion guide "Discover unique historical Kalmar county" in Arabic (pdf)

Excursion guide "Discover unique historical Kalmar county" in kurmanji (pdf)

The excursion guide "Explore uniquely historical Kalmar Öland" in English (pdf)

Ausflugsführer "Entdecke die besondere historische provinz Kalmar" auf Deutsch (pdf)

Homesteads & excursion tips

The brochure "Hembygdsgårdar & utflyktstips" collects the local history associations' best tips on places to visit - some well-known and others unknown.

The local associations in the county themselves have had the opportunity to propose places to visit in their immediate area. Some have suggested their own homestead while others have suggested other places of interest that are worth a visit.

There are a total of 87 different destinations in the brochure. There are also 23 interesting life stories related to the county's municipalities. And of course, all of the county's 118 local associations are included. Everything is excellent on a map so that it will be easy to find. The content of the brochure is produced by the local community movement itself. They have selected the places described and the people portrayed.

The aim of the printed matter is partly to inspire visits to the described places. But also to create an understanding of the county's history.

The excursion guide "Homesteads & excursion tips" in Swedish (pdf)

Excursion guide.