The Unique historical Kalmar county project runs and coordinates physical exhibitions in the county. The exhibitions aim both to promote the place as a destination and to get residents and visitors to experience all that the cultural heritage has to offer, but also to increase cooperation and the interest of companies and associations in how they can use the cultural heritage and that knowledge to develop their own businesses . 

10 exhibitions highlighting the cultural heritage of different places

The project has developed the recurring exhibition format "Spot on!" who have wandered around all of the project's participating municipalities. The exhibition consists of a large cube where the content shifts and shines a light on different themes and places. Here we present all the exhibitions that the project has produced.

  • Spot on! The Golden Ring – part of modern Sweden
  • Spot on! Rockneby – communication and transport through the ages
  • Spot on! The trading place and shipbuilding resort Bergkvara
  • Spot on! Västervik - one of Kalmar County's most unique cultural heritages
  • Spot on! Kyrkeby Bränneri – a living industrial memory in unique historical Kalmar county
  • Spot on! The greatest of all is love" - an exhibition about the "Path of Love" in Nybro
  • Spot on! Wooden house production in Kalmar county, Oskarshamn
  • Spot on! Wooden house traditions in Kalmar county, Högsby
  • Spot on! Food and drink in historic Kalmar county, Mörbylånga and Hultsfred

Exhibitions for individual businesses

Here we present all the exhibitions that the project has produced in collaboration with individual business development with a focus on strengthening the visitor goal:

  • Casimirsborg farm (about the history of agriculture, manors and castles), location: Casimirsborg
  • Tjorven Museum (about the Itera cycle and Husqvarnaplast), location: Tjorven Museum, Rockneby
  • Grow more (about food and farming traditions), location: Hälleberga
  • Mörbylånga sugar mill (about the sugar mill, the Öland sugar beet, Swedish food culture and human living conditions), location: Mörbylånga sugar mill
  • Rugstorparn (about the wood artist Helge Rugland), location: Rugstorps Lantgård, Rugstorp