Kalmar County Cultural Heritage Portal

Imagine if cultural signs could function as portals to other times where we can meet people and their stories! That was the overall vision of a new county-wide sign system that has now become a reality.

The sign system has developed within the project Unique historical Kalmar County and has been developed in collaboration with representatives from municipalities, businesses and associations, the County Administrative Board Kalmar County, Region Kalmar County, the county's home association, the Agency for Growth, the National Antiquities Authority and the Kalmar County Museum. The working group has also included designers, a designer and an accessibility consultant. After the end of the project, the Kalmar county museum will take over the concept and, together with local and regional partners, take long-term responsibility for the supervision and management of the signs.

The cultural heritage portal in Berga, Högsby municipality.

The concept of signs

The signs should function as a time travel portal that makes visible and spreads knowledge about the site's cultural heritage and a meeting place where visitors can take part in the district's stories and shape the site's future history. 

The sign system's concept is that it should contribute to the development of places in the county by creating meeting places around cultural heritage. Here, the visitor should be able to listen to stories, watch film material or, for example, take an audio map that the visitor can use to walk around and discover all the exciting stories of the place. In the extension, there are ideas about adding participation functions so that visitors can leave their own stories about the place and thus be co-creators of its history.

The sign system consists of a flexible modular system that companies, associations, organisations, authorities, municipalities etc. can order in different designs and price ranges. This means that the client can get a completely customized solution. The materials of the signs connect to the county's main materials: wood, glass and stone.

Sign catalog (pdf)

Here are the signs

The signs are placed in the places where the county project carried out site development. They have been well received by the local residents, businesses and associations because these were also involved in the creation of the signs. Some associations plan to have a special dedication of their sign.

  • Bergkvara: in the harbor
  • Vissefjärda: at Vissefjärda church
  • Rockneby: at Allaktivitetshuset
  • The Golden Ring: at the library (assembly in progress)
  • Virserum: in the park by the bridge (installation in progress)
  • Västervik: at the Träbåtbryggan (assembly in progress)
  • Påskallavik: in the harbour
  • Berga: at the station
  • Mörbylånga: Skansgatan in the Sockerbruk area
  • Nybro: Badhusparken, behind the swimming hall by the playground