Site development

In collaboration with the project's ten participating municipalities, the project works with site development in the county. Site development is based on a process in several steps, but common to all sites is that the companies and associations decide the direction of what is to be developed. It is often different tourism packages and experiences or recurring events that are planned and carried out in collaboration. But there can also be structural needs, for example to develop coordination functions for the cooperation of the place's associational life.

Vissefjärda, Emmaboda municipality

In Emmaboda municipality, Vissefjärda is the place to be developed. The site development process kicked off with the opening of the exhibition Spot on about Kyrkeby bränneri on May 14, 2022. The first workshop will be held in the fall of 2022.

Virserum, Hultsfred municipality

In the municipality of Hultsfred, it is the place Virserum that is to be developed. Six working groups have been formed that are responsible for developing various things:

  1. Development of coordination function for associations. Joint coordination for administration and janitorship is important for the associations.
  2. Development of sponsorship packages
    One way to be able to finance various efforts and functions (e.g. administration, janitorial and cleaning) is to work with sponsorship.
  3. Development of the Kulturbesöksmål Virserum brand with brand platform, joint marketing and graphic profile.
  4. Development of course activities and residency programs with profile crafts and wood.
  5. Development of hospitality packages with the theme Dacke as a recurring feature.
  6. Development to ensure housing opportunities, cottages and pitches.

During the spring of 2022, a branding platform for the Virserum cultural destination, a communication plan, a coordination model for the local association life has been developed. During the fall of 2022, a graphic profile and logo were created for the brand. Funds were also sought for the development of a residency program.

Watch a film from Virserum that tells what it has been like to be involved in the Unika project (, new window)

Berga, Högsby municipality

In Högsby municipality, Berga has been selected as a place to be developed. Here, site development is focused around the profiles railway and health and movement. So far, a recurring event "Art on the Trail" has been produced as well as a summer program with a focus on health and movement where companies and associations have developed various experience products that are now being tested on customers during the summer.

Rockneby, Kalmar municipality

In Kalmar municipality, the selected location is Rockneby with a focus on creating a format and a meeting place for young people and developing a recurring event with the theme of communication and movement.

The sugar mill area, Mörbylånga municipality

In Mörbylånga is the sugar mill area to be developed. Here Mörbylånga municipality's renovation work on the sugar mill is to be connected with the project's site development work. The focus at this place is food crafts based on the World Heritage southern Öland's cultivation landscape. 

Pukeberg, Nybro municipality

In Nybro municipality, the designated site to be developed is Pukeberg. The municipality has chosen to focus on two site development processes that are linked to each other. The one site development process, which focuses on Pukeberg as a design center, is a larger and political process. The second site development process is the Path of Love and the Week of Love, which is based on the municipality's development work with Badhusparken and the so-called Path of Love. Here, the Unika project's site development process focuses on a physical design of the Kärleksstigen so that the visitor can take part in the cultural heritage of the site. In connection with this physical location, the project also develops a Week of Love around which companies and associations can develop products.

Watch a film from Nybro municipality that tells what it has been like to be involved in the Unika project (, new window)

Påskallavik, Oskarshamn municipality

In the municipality of Oskarshamn, the site Påskallavik has been selected, which also ties in well with the development work with the association Härd Klang and the creation of a national node with a focus on stone carving. In the site development process, the recurring visitor product "Red Old Man's Day" will be developed with a test operation in autumn 2022 as well as development of products for Källströmsgården and development of the park at Stenvillan.

Bergkvara harbour, Torsås municipality

In Torsås municipality, the site to be developed is Bergkvara harbour. Here, too, the site development process is linked to a larger political effort because the site development is linked to the municipality's new detailed plan for Bergkvara harbor and the new construction of apartments on the site. The Unika project has carried out various network meetings with both civil servants and politicians.

In Bergkvara, in the autumn the project will work with site development and the new policy area shaped habitat as well as develop the tourism product "I sjöfartens spår" in collaboration with companies and associations where physical signs will also be built within the framework of the new sign program that the Unika project has developed.

Gullringen, Vimmerby municipality

In Vimmerby municipality, it is the site Gullringen that has been selected for Unika's site development process. In this case, the municipality starts from a 100 percent bottom-up perspective and also allows the initiative itself to start from association life and companies completely without the municipality's influence based on Vimmerby municipality's strategy "Allas Vimmerby".

Wooden boat jetty, Västervik municipality

In the municipality of Västervik, the designated site to be developed is the Träbåtbryggan with its intangible cultural heritage. This year, the Clinker construction technique was classified as World Cultural Heritage by Unesco and all boats of both companies and associations located at the Wooden Boat Jetty are built in this technique.

The Unika project will process lead the site development process which will develop the bridge in cooperation with Västervik's museum as well as companies and associations into a node for the transmission of the cultural heritage around the brick construction technique.

In connection with the development of the site, an exhibition will be shown at Spötorget in Västervik, which will open on 18/6 and will be about Wooden Boat Building and the Bronze Age Coast.

Brochure Wooden Boat Dock (pdf)

Read more about the Nordic clay boat tradition on the UNESCO website