Kalmar county's food miracle

How do you make Sweden's best cheesecake? Who came up with the Bridge Mix? And what does potato brandy taste like?

In autumn 2022, 12 films have been launched under the name Kalmar county's food miracle. The films tell about the county's rich food history from ten municipalities in Kalmar county. The Unika project has chosen a theme together with the municipalities. The purpose of the films is to highlight some of the county's fantastic food traditions, local food personalities and a selection of stories that can be linked to our food history. In addition, there are two county films that summarize food as cultural heritage in the entire Kalmar county.

All movies are available to watch via Kalmar county's food miracle YouTube channel (new window).

Movies and themes

Kalmar County's food culture

Watch the film about Kalmar County's food culture on Youtube (new window)

The invitations to the residence

Watch the video about the invitations to the residence on Youtube (new window)

Chocolate in Kalmar

Watch the film about chocolate in Kalmar on Youtube (new window) 

Potatoes in Hultsfred

Watch the film about potatoes in Hultsfred on Youtube (new window)

Sausage in Torsås

Watch the video about sausages in Torsås on Youtube (new window)

Dairy in Nybro

Watch the film about dairy in Nybro on Youtube (new window)

Bread in Högsby 

Watch the film about bread in Högsby (new window)

Body cakes in Mörbylånga

Watch the film about body cakes in Mörbylånga on Youtube (new window)

Fish and fishing in Västervik

Watch the film about fish and fishing in Västervik on Youtube (new window)

Cheesecake in Vimmerby

Watch the video about cheesecake in Vimmerby on Youtube (new window)

Distillery in Emmaboda

Watch the film about distillery in Emmaboda on Youtube (new window)

Coffee and sweets in Oskarshamn 

Watch the film about coffee and confectionery in Oskarshamn on Youtube (new window)