Audio guides

Together with associations and companies, the Unika project has produced various sound maps. With the help of a map, the visitor can go on a historical audio tour on their own and listen to exciting stories about the place. Most of the audio stories are between 1-3 minutes long and can be listened to via the website Choose whether you go to the place where the story takes place or whether you listen from the couch. 

Wreck map

Listen and learn more about the finds of wrecks in the depths of the Baltic Sea. 

Wreck map (pdf)


Go out and enjoy beautiful nature and listen to exciting historical stories about Stufvenäs. In the surroundings there are no less than 33 ancient relics from different time periods! 

Audio guide Stufvenäs (pdf)

Gunnar Theander

Wander through Nybro's streets and squares and discover places where works by visual artist and craftsman Gunnar Theander can be found, or see the city through his motifs. 

Audio guide Gunnar Theander (pdf)

The gold ring

Listen to many exciting stories about the Golden Ring. For example, do you know the story of the conspirators behind the murder of King Gustav III or who Sot-Sara was?

Audio guide The Golden Ring (pdf)


Discover Bäckebo's interesting history! This audio guide takes you to many exciting places that you can visit in any order you like. The stories are about everything from market traditions to Rosenlund - one of the village's oldest houses.

Sound map Bäckebo (pdf)