Moving item collections

Now we are emptying the object warehouse at the Ångkvarnen and freeing up an entire floor for exhibitions.

Through a capital injection from Kalmar municipality and Region Kalmar län, we now have the opportunity to successively transfer the collections to our external warehouse over a number of years. Behind the scenes of the museum, intensive work is currently underway in the collections. We are preparing several moving and rearranging projects of various object categories, from the steam mill to an external modern warehouse with good storage conditions. A work that will last for several years, in different stages and is expected to be completed in 2027.

Through this work, the Kalmar county museum gets a completely new floor available for exhibitions. The work on the new exhibition floor takes place in parallel with the moving process. In this way, we can also show much more of our collections in the future.

The preparation work looks different. We are currently preparing premises in the external warehouse to receive future moves, for example, new pallet racks must be assembled to be able to accommodate objects that will be placed there in the future. One of the projects in 2023 aims to move heavy large furniture from the Ångkvarnen, to create more work and sorting space in the "old" warehouse, as part of the preparations for the next year's moving processes.