Tea dance with cultural history quiz

The county museum and the Jan Ottosson quartet will conduct tea dances with dance and local history quizzes at ten different meeting points in Kalmar municipality in autumn 2023 and spring 2024. The project takes place in collaboration with the care administration in Kalmar municipality.

The audience will get to listen and dance to live jazz music interspersed with a cultural history quiz about well-known places in Kalmar based on the song titles. The songs come from the latest album with the title "Jazz på Kalmaritiska". The songs have been named after various places in the city such as Kattrumpan, Söderport, Esplanaden, Sylvanderparken and the houses Tripp trapp trull. 

The tea dances will first and foremost be for those who live in a serviced accommodation in connection with the meeting points and their relatives. Subject to space, other interested parties are welcome after registration.

We see that the program raises the quality of life for the target group in a concrete way by working with many different senses and expressions. It is an experience to be able to see and listen to a live jazz orchestra together with others, to be able to dance and feel the joy of movement based on one's own, individual conditions and to participate in an image-rich quiz linked to the different places and melodies, to rejoice and remember together. We want to deliver a festive and high-quality experience beyond the ordinary, a real golden edge to everyday life!

The project is financed by Familjen Kamprad's foundation.

The period of the project

October 2023 – May 2024


  • Monday 16 October: Meeting point Hagby, Hagby
  • Monday 27 November: Meeting point Stenberg, Stensberg
  • Wednesday 6 December: Meeting point Bryggaren, Kvarnholmen
  • Thursday 11 January: Meeting point Ingelstorpsvägen 1, Smedby
  • Monday 22 January: Meeting point Frikadellen, Lindsdal
  • Wednesday 7 February: Meeting point Vänskapens väg, Norrliden/Ljusstaden
  • Monday 19 February: Meeting point Påryd, Påryd
  • Wednesday 28 February: Meeting point Skogsrået, Berga
  • Monday 4 March: Meeting point St Kristoffers väg, Oxhagen
  • Wednesday March 20: Kalmar county museum at 18-20