Since 2015, there has been a collaboration between Kalmar Municipality, Kalmar County Museum, the studio at Kalmar Art Museum and Byteatern called KLaB, which works with working with aesthetic learning processes in school. Since 2020, it has been a permanent cultural investment financed by the education board in Kalmar municipality and Södemöre municipal district committee. The investment will provide more opportunities to integrate cultural and artistic forms of expression and context in the school. 

Kalmar Municipality provides project support to the Kalmar County Museum and the Byteatern corresponding to a 40 percent teaching position for its operations. The support enables the county museum to offer various educational activities for the municipality's primary school students free of charge, for example city walks, viewings of the museum's exhibitions and workshops.  

Collaborate with us

We would like to collaborate with schools and students in various forms. We offer various programs for you to book into for free. If you have ideas where we could be a resource for you, please contact one of us. We are open to new ideas and would like to try new ways of working with the culture at school.

The studio Kalmar art museum
Phone: 0480-45 30 56
Contact persons: Monica Alskans and Ann-Helen Franksson-Rundqvist

Kalmar County Museum
Phone: 0480-45 13 85
Contact person Helen Andersson

The village theater
Phone: 0480-43 44 63
Contact person: Helena Rouditou-Andersson