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The adventure Superkronan - Shipbuilding!

Dive into our wonderful children's exhibition Superkronan and play and learn about the ship, life in the 17th century and life on board. Here you can shop in the sheds by the harbor, play on the deck, climb the mast, dive down to Kronan's wreck site and explore the lab.

Super fun at Superkronan!

The super crown – Shipbuilding! Dive in and learn and play about the regal ship Kronan, life in the 17th century and life on board.

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A fascinating story

The roar of cannon volleys is mixed with screams and the gunpowder smoke is dense over the water off Öland. Suddenly the big ship capsizes! A powerful explosion turns the sky blood red. Shipwood is thrown like matches through the air together with people, like disloyal dolls in the sky.

The royal ship Kronan has sunk!

The silver coin treasure in the exhibition about the Royal ship Kronan.

Visit the Kronan exhibition!

In the Kronan exhibition, finds from 40 years of marine archaeological excavations are displayed. You will find, for example, the Kronan's two gold coin hoards, one of which is Sweden's largest, and also two of Sweden's largest marine silver coin hoards. On the museum's entrance floor are most of the roughly forty bronze cannons that have been salvaged from the Crown since their discovery in 1980. For children and families, we recommend a visit to the exhibition Superkronan!

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The krona in numbers









Discover more

In our podcast Museimagasinet you will find a large number of podcasts about the regal ship Kronan and via the Kalmar county museum's streaming service KLM-play there are recorded lectures about the Kronan. Souvenirs and books are available in our webshop.

In progress

The gold coin tax in the exhibition about the Royal Ship Kronan.

The royal ship Kronan's (world) record

  • Biggest gold coin treasure.
  • Largest marine silver treasure.
  • Longest ongoing marine archeological survey.
  • Largest closed find in the world of bronze cannons.
  • The largest ship that has been built during the great power era.
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More about the Crown

For more than 40 years, salvage of finds from the Crown. Take part in that story via the links below!

We are located in Kalmar

The exhibition about the Royal Ship Kronan can be found in the magnificent building Ångkvarnen. In Ångkvarnen you will also find Kalmar County Museum's other exhibitions.