Technical data

The krona in numbers.

  • The royal ship Kronan was keel-stretched on Skeppsholmen in Stockholm 1665-10-07.
  • The ship was launched 1668-07-31.
  • The designer and builder was the Englishman Francis Sheldon d.ä.
  • Due to lack of money, the crown was not completed until 1672.
  • The krona's displacement is estimated at about 2,300 tonnes. The ship was 178 1/2 feet long and 43 1/12 feet wide.
  • The Crown's crew consisted of 500 sailors, 300 soldiers and 50 officers.
  • The equipment, 110-114 cannons (3-36 pounds), was placed on three continuous cannon decks, back, ramp and cab decks.
  • The total weight of the artillery is estimated at about 185 tons.