2+1 road between Gamleby and Helgenäs. Archaeological investigation stage 2. 2009.

The results of the special archaeological investigation stage 2 that the Kalmar County Museum carried out in October 2009, before the reconstruction of road E22 between Gamleby and Helgenäs in Västervik municipality, Småland. The investigation was carried out on behalf of the Swedish Road Administration Region Southeast, in accordance with a decision drawn up by the County Administrative Board in Kalmar. The Swedish Road Administration Region Southeast plans to build a central guardrail for the so-called 2+1 road and in connection with this, it is required, among other things, adjustments to connections and passages to smaller roads as well as some new stretches of property roads/GC. Large parts of the route are of national interest for the cultural environment and the construction works require an archaeological investigation to be carried out to establish whether ancient remains are affected by the work company. Download the report