Part 1. Window renovation - remove old putty and studs. With Krister Tauber!

Welcome to follow us in a whole series on how to renovate your windows. In the program series, we really scratch the surface of what you should think about when renovating your windows, or perhaps considering a window replacement? Why are windows important in an old building and why should you take care of them? Why is there so much interest in window renovation right now? Why do we love linseed oil, wood and putty? We show this and much more in this series!

And welcome to Bötterumsmässan on Saturday 4 September 2021. Then the fair celebrates its 5th anniversary and the Kalmar county museum and the Kalmar county homestead association celebrate their 150th anniversary!

Bötterumsmässan is a unique collaboration between Kalmar County Museum, Långemåla Hembygdsförening and Kalmar County Hembygdsförbund which is made possible through funds granted via the County Administrative Board of Kalmar County.