Urban planning debate

We invite you to an urban planning debate!

The evening will be opened by Henrik Nerlund, secretary/head of office of the Beauty Council - "The council for the protection of Stockholm's beauty". Ever since 1919, the Beauty Council's task has been to monitor architecture, town planning, natural and cultural environment issues in a rapidly growing city. The city's beauty, identity and development will be the evening's special theme. But of course we want the debate to start from current projects such as the hotel building in Ölandshamnen, densification in Oxhagen and on Kvarnholmen, new use for the fire station and many other projects and plans. Take the opportunity to ask questions and express your opinion! In addition to Henrik Nerlund, the evening's panel consists of the chairman of the community planning board Mattias Adolfson, the city architect Björn Strimfors, the county architect Pär Hansson and antiquarian of buildings at the county museum Lotta Lamke.

Moderator for the evening is Barometern journalist Emma Arenius. Free entry, but book your place in advance! Warm welcome!