Accessibility in the museum's premises

For us, it is important that the Kalmar county museum is an experience for everyone. We are constantly working to improve accessibility in our premises. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us.

Main entrance

The door to the main entrance can be opened with an automatic door opener.

Inside the museum

  • All public areas are accessible for wheelchairs and prams.
  • The stairs in the middle of the house have a handrail. You can take the stairs or elevator between all floors.
  • At each floor there is a sign with tactile text that describes what you can visit on each floor
  • There are two elevators in the museum. Both elevators go to all floors. The elevators have automatic doors.
  • Accessible toilets are on floors 1, 2 and 3.

Companions and guide dogs

Guide dogs and service dogs are allowed on the premises, but not other fur-bearing animals. Companions or assistants always have free entry to the museum.

Visitors with small children

Kalmar County Museum is well visited by families with children. It is easy to get around our premises with a pram. There is pram parking as well as larger lifts, changing tables and the possibility to heat baby food.