Children's party

Soon time for a children's party? Let us take care of the children and book the party with us at the Kalmar county museum. We have three exciting adventures to choose from!

The mystery of the lost treasure

A mystery has occurred at Kalmar County Museum. One of the famous coin treasures from the Royal Ship Kronan seems to have been stolen. Or is it just a prank from one of the museum's ghosts? Commissioner Blomkvist is called in to sort it all out. But the commissioner needs the children's help.

Recommended age: 6-8 years

Time: About 1 hour and 45 minutes

The mystery of the lost book

The museum director has found a mysterious letter on his desk. It is about a hidden book that the museum director thought he carelessly lost and would like to have back. But to find out where the book is hidden somewhere, a number of clues must be solved. Inspector Blomkvist is called in to solve the case. Where is the book and who has hidden it? But as usual, the commissioner can't do it on his own, but secretly asks the children for help.

Recommended age: 7-10 years (literate children)

Time: About 1 hour and 45 minutes

Novelty! Get on board

Did you think this would be an ordinary party with hot dogs, ice cream and candy bags? Then you thought wrong! The soldier's wife Johanna Bondesdotter appears through time and space. She thinks you are boatmen who are going to muster on the big ship Kronan. Johanna substitutes for her husband, who just today ate a bad ship's crust with too much worm in it. Johanna will drill you on everything from how to load a cannon to what happens if you complain about the food. Only when she thinks you've learned everything you need to maybe, just maybe, you can get something other than ship's crusts to eat.

We adapt the party to the group. This theme is exciting but not scary, and Johanna is very kind.

Recommended age: 6-10 years 

Time: About 1 hour and 45 minutes

Practical information

Bookable party days

We organize parties on Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00 or 14:00. The first time for parties after the summer is September 2. During longer holidays, as well as major weekends, we usually do not organize parties.

Adult presence

Two adults must be present during the entire party. These adults have free admission to the museum and are offered coffee while the children eat.

Group size

The group can consist of between 5-15 children. However, payment for at least 8 children.


Since we take care of the party, we also take care of the dishes and the cleaning. Convenient and convenient for you!


SEK 200/child. Note! As of November 4, the price is SEK 250/child.

The price includes:

  • invitation card
  • entrance to the museum
  • a host / hostess who is the children's own guide throughout the party
  • treasure hunt
  • pancakes or sausages, drink
  • ice cream
  • candy bag
  • gift for the birthday child