Jenny Nyström

Jenny Nyström (1854-1946) is the Kalmar girl who went to Paris and became one of Sweden's most famous artists. The vast majority of people immediately think of elves when Jenny Nyström's name is mentioned. It was Jenny who gave us our picture of Santa Claus. But few know her artistic background, her original ambitions or what inspired her to create all the illustrations and elf portraits for which she later became best known.

During this guidance, you will get to know Jenny Nyström a little better. We talk about her upbringing, her importance to our image of Christmas and what it was like to be a woman and breadwinner in Sweden around the turn of the last century.


  • Group with adults up to 20 people: SEK 1,200. If there are more of you, we will book two guides so that the guiding will be as good as possible. The second guide then costs SEK 600.
  • Group with children and young people (school class): SEK 900
  • In addition to the guided tour, there is an entrance to the museum. The entrance fee in connection with a guided tour is SEK 90 per person (regular price SEK 130 per person).

All prices include VAT.

Time consumption

About 45-60 minutes


The guide is in Swedish. We conduct a guided tour in English upon special request.

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