Our mission

Kalmar County Museum's mission is the section that forms the basis of the foundation: 

The purpose of the foundation shall be to manage the foundation's collections, buildings and land areas and to keep them available to the public to a proper extent. The foundation shall mainly within Kalmar County conduct and promote cultural heritage conservation and museum activities as well as other activities compatible therewith, as well as being the principal of the country antiquarian in the county.

The purpose of the foundation shall not be to make a profit.

The museum objects and archives that are added to the foundation must be cared for and preserved in a secure manner for future times. The collections must be stored in premises approved by the National Heritage Board. Objects belonging to the foundation's collections may not be disposed of without the consent of the National Heritage Board. The foundation's collections may not be pledged.

Our vision and operating concept

Our vision and operating concept must permeate and illuminate everything we do. 


Cultural heritage in everyday life – enriches and touches

Business idea

To broaden the perspective of the present and enrich the living environment

Development orientation and priorities

The Kalmar County Region, Kalmar Municipality and the Kalmar County Home Association provide the business with conditions that indicate the direction of development and priorities for the coming mandate period. These conditions are characterized by it regional cultural plan (regionkalmar.se), the size of the grants but also of the new museum act. Beyond the articles of incorporation and the cultural plan are the national cultural policy goals and the the regional development strategy (regionkalmar.se) guiding documents as well as the national goals for cultural environment work and the regional plan for Kalmar county.

Strategic goals 2019-2022

The Kalmar County Museum has decided on three areas of focus. Each orientation goal then contains various specifications that should contribute to us being able to work in that direction.

  • A cultural heritage institution in time
  • Attractive county museum
  • Best on site - in Kalmar County

Kalmar county museum's strategic plan 2019-2022 (pdf)