Wimmerströmska gården

Visit a bourgeois home in Västervik and take part in the story of the fascinating Stina Wimmerström and her large collection of porcelain, ceramics, clothes, furniture, embroidery and works of art.

Since 2000, Kalmar County Museum has been running a museum business in the Wimmerströmska farm, centrally located in Västervik. Who then were these Wimmerström? The most central figure is Stina Wimmerström (1907-1991) who lived here all her life and at her death in 1991 donated the Wimmerström farm to Kalmar County Museum.

Guided tours

Visits and guided tours of Wimmerströmska farm's museum floor can be booked through Västerviks Museum via 0490-211 77. 

Take a virtual visit

Visit Wimmerströmska gården on your own from a computer or mobile phone. A virtual tour gives you the opportunity to explore Wimmerströmska gården using 360 images, photos and video. You can move between the rooms while the guided tour is in progress.  

Virtual tour of Wimmerströmska gården (new window)