Stina Wimmerström

The donor Stina Wimmerström was Elis and Ruth Wimmerström's only child. She was born in 1907 and grew up in the floor that is now shown. Stina went to Västervik's girls' school but never furthered her education despite clear artistic aptitudes.

She was amused by theater and music and liked to travel to Stockholm to see her favorites Ernst Rolf, Fridolf Rudin and Karl Gerhard. She also embroidered a lot, which can be seen in all the rooms on the floor. After her mother's death, she lived on the floor with an unmarried aunt.

Stina married Bert Knutström at the age of 41 and together they often traveled to auctions in southern Sweden and bought antiques for their home.

Stina was fascinated by the 18th century, which you can see in the salon with its furniture groups.

The rooms also have furniture and memories from the Wimmerström home and from the patisserie.