Tekla Thorbrink - the child welfare worker who became a Member of Parliament

Tekla Torbrink, (1901 -1994) was born in Hälleberga parish, in Kalmar county and was a Swedish parliamentary politician. By profession, she was a child welfare worker, but as a politician became a member of the Riksdag's second chamber 1949-1968 in Kalmar County constituency. She was also a committee member and county council member. Tekla had seen poor people fight for their rights already as children. She listened, she learned and she remembered and eventually became a Social Democratic MP to continue the struggle.

In collaboration with the County Administrative Board of Kalmar County, as part of the democracy year 2021.

Host: Pia-Lena Björnlund, Kalmar County Museum. Narrator / guest: Anette Kronlund, educator at Kalmar County Museum. Lighting technician: Andreas Juhl, head of the public unit, Kalmar County Museum


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