The fate of man in the time of the Crown

It is not the ship itself or the objects themselves that learn about the Regal ship Kronan and the people on board. It is the stories around them. Without stories, we are nothing. The skeletons we salvage and the names we read in the documents have been people of flesh and blood, with feelings, dreams, thoughts and goals. They were not just there that day. They had a life behind them and some even in front of them. There were people around them who influenced them and the choices they made. Welcome to episode 4 of the first season about the royal ship Kronan. With project manager for the Kronan project Lars Einarsson and program manager Pia-Lena Björnlund, Kalmar County Museum. Technology and mix by Andreas Juhl. 

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history the crown mörbylånga regalskeppetkronan