Ulrika Stålhammar - the officer's daughter who disguised herself as a man

Ulrika Stålhammar (1683-1733) was the officer's daughter who disguised herself as a man and enlisted as a soldier under the name Vilhelm Edstedt. In connection with her service at the artillery in Kalmar, she fell in love with the maid Maria Lönman. Same-sex love, yes, just dressing in clothes associated with the opposite sex, was at this time a felony punishable by death. Ulrika / Vilhelm and Maria got away with their lives. But for the rest of their days, they were kept strictly separate from each other and were never seen again. Historian Peter Danielsson talks in this section of Museimagasinet about a real breaker of the norm in the 18th century. Want to know more about the fascinating story? Then read Professor Lars-Olof Larsson's description of Ulrika Eleonora Stålhammar's strange fate in Småland's history: the great power era, 1982, p. 170ff.

The podcast section is the county museum's digital program item within the framework of Kalmarsund Pride 2020.

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